Easy Redd Victor Frankenstein

Easy Redd is a rapper that is well known in Las Vegas Hip-Hop circles. He has an extensive amount of work released on various mixtapes. He shoots music videos primarily with Tay Price Films and travels between Las Vegas and L.A.. Easy Redd has worked alongside several artists including:
Track Level Info
No. Artist Title
1 Easy Redd Intro
2 Easy Redd He’s Alive (prod. by LetEmBurn)
3 Easy Redd Like A Man (prod. by Hitman Beatz)
4 Easy Redd Kill Beatz (feat. Bobbii Bon Jovi, Reezy, and Shaun Sloan)
5 Easy Redd The Motto (KannonMix)
6 Easy Redd Hunnit Hunnits (feat. Reezy and Fatz)
7 Easy Redd I’m On
8 Easy Redd You Know That I’m Blunted
9 Easy Redd Skit 1
10 Easy Redd My Gun In Ya Face (feat. Jay R33Z and KingDavid Sanotra)
11 Easy Redd Throwin’ My Town Up (feat. Debeahcee and Bobbii Bon Jovi)
12 Easy Redd Shot Caller (KannonMix)
13 Easy Redd Skit 2
14 Easy Redd Scarface (feat. Reezy)
15 Easy Redd For My Niggaz
16 Easy Redd Skit 3 (Krazy)
17 Easy Redd The Lights
18 Easy Redd Goin’ In For The Kill (feat. Bobbii Bon Jovi)
19 Easy Redd Skit 4
20 Easy Redd 10 AM (feat. Paid)
21 Easy Redd Montana (feat. Fatz)
22 Easy Redd Do Ya Like
23 Easy Redd Understand
24 Easy Redd Whatever (feat. Lil Dude)
25 Easy Redd Skit 5
26 Easy Redd Fearless Dreams (feat. M.I.C.)
27 Easy Redd RipTheTrack (feat. DJ Mizzy Matt)

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