Noemi and Yera W. – Summer Set 2013


The Summer Set 2013 is a breaks mix (also referred to as Florida Breaks as that style is associated with Miami Bass). Noemi and Yera W. are producers and mixers who focus on the breakbeat style.

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TrackList (HTML Table)

No. Artist(s) Title
1 DJ Fixx and DJ Chris B Felling Hood
2 Noemi and YeraW Sick! (original mix)
3 Vize Like Whoa! (Fixx Mix)
4 Stanton Warriors Leader Young Father (UFO project redub)
5 Noemi and YeraW Wild Shake (original mix)
6 PuRe SX Bustin Dubz (Original mix)
7 DJ Fixx Throwback (original mix)
8 Bingo Players Devotion (Stanton Sessions 4 Edit)
9 Nu Jam vs Deekline and Ed Solo Shoulder Lift (PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz Mix)
10 Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding I Need Your Love (Mkx Styleers Remix)
11 Noemi and YeraW and Broken Styleers BlowUp
12 Danny Darko Dione Lightwood Visible (Noemi and YeraW & Broken styleers remix)
13 Noemi and YeraW Everything You Want (original mix)
14 David Guetta Sia She Wolf (Noemi and YeraW remix)
15 NERVO Reason (Noemi and YeraW remix)

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