AP The Gawd Drank Ocean @APTheGawd



Drank Ocean is an 11 track mixtape by AP The Gawd. AP The Gawd appears courtesy of Ocean Gang. AP The Gawd’s original artist name was Animal Poet.

No. Artist Title
1 AP TheGawd Leon’s Room (produced by PrinceDaRula)
2 AP TheGawd Tell Me What You Like (produced by Nate Rhoads)
3 AP TheGawd Stoner Island (produced by mizzhitzthaproducer)
4 AP TheGawd Away (produced by FrancisGotHeat)
5 AP TheGawd Hard Candy (produced by 7even Sun)
6 AP TheGawd Famous (produced by Getta Beats)
7 AP TheGawd Hustle (featuring King Khayno) (produced by treason on the beat)
8 AP TheGawd Can’t Stop (produced by trashkan)
9 AP TheGawd The Movement (featuring K.GSUS) (produced by mizzhitzthaproducer)
10 AP TheGawd Wood Wheel (featuring Don Pete) (produced by i75 and Mind Labs)
11 AP TheGawd Codeine In My Cup (featuring SMK) (produced by Ric Thadeus)
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