Jay R33z My Music (2008)

Jay R33Z, who may also be referred to as Jay Rocc or have his name spelled as Jay Reez, is a rapper that represents Las Vegas, Nevada. The number of other rappers and producers in the Las Vegas area that Jay R33z has worked with is astounding. Notables include J Reezy and Easy Redd, who have gone on to create amazing mixtapes of their own. J Reezy is also a well known Hip-Hop and Rap music producer in Las Vegas.

My Music is a mixtape by Jay R33z that was originally released in 2008 on datpiff.

Here is the tracklist. If you click on the linked artist name and track title it will lead you to that song on YouTube. If you click on the featured artist name it will lead you to a search page on the ADED.US Music Store showing search results for that artist.

Jay R33z My Music YouTube (playlist)

01. Jay R33Z My Music (feat. Desert Mobb and J Reezy)
02. Jay R33Z Ain’t Fly Yet
03. Jay R33Z Vroom (feat. J Reezy)
04. Jay R33Z Favorite Girl (feat. Sinpin and J Reezy)
05. Jay R33Z Big Time Hustle (feat. Sinpin and J Reezy)
06. Jay R33Z I Wanna Get High (feat. Moses Green and Rich)
07. Jay R33Z Which One of These Girls (feat. KingDavid Sanotra and J Reezy)
08. Jay R33Z Movie Script (feat. Trouble Youngsta, Sinpin, and Mob Gee)
09. Jay R33Z That’s How We Do It (feat. KingDavid Sanotra)
10. Jay R33Z Ain’t None Of Your Business (feat. Josh, KingDavid Sanotra, and J Reezy)
11. Jay R33Z Bouncin’ Wit’ A Hoodrat (feat. J Reezy)
12. Jay R33Z Swag Like Mine (feat. J Reezy)
13. Jay R33Z Fresh (feat. Desert Mobb and J Reezy)
14. Jay R33Z My Hood (feat. Unique)
15. Jay R33Z Come On (feat. Sinpin and J Reezy)
16. Jay R33Z On Da Grind (feat. J Reezy and Desert Mobb)
17. Jay R33Z Dat Good (feat. Desert Mobb and J Reezy)

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